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Novigo Grants can help you to unlock the door to grant funding in the UK. Since Brexit, more companies are innovating in order to face the challenges ahead. The massive amounts of R&D, system improvement and automation taking place will help Britain to remain a major player in the new economic environment, whatever that might be. And the Government are funding this innovation with a series of grants and loans, intended to fuel the fire of British industrial ingenuity.

Novigo are a Grant and RD Tax Credits consultancy based in Nottingham in the UK. Our team work flexibly with our clients and can arrange meetings at any time of the day or night. We're not 9 to 5 focussed which means that if you want to call project meetings at 5.00 or later in the evening rather than interrupt your work day then that's fine. We work around your workload and get the job done.

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The EU has made a contribution of
To date on approved projects through the horizon 2020 programme.

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After the Brexit referendum, we live in uncertain times. But UK organisations are still entitled to apply for and receive grant funding from the EU through Horizon 2020. So noviGo recommends that UK organisations should take advantage of this grant funding window of opportunity while it is open. And it’s open until December 2020. Novigo was created to help UK organisations secure Grant funding from the EU Horizon 2020 fund while it remains available and from the Innovate UK f or both now and after 2020. It is our mission to help you to secure the grant funding that...

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