Since 2000 the UK Government has encouraged companies to engage in R&D by providing a tax refund or credit for R&D work undertaken.

You can download the Government’s Guide to RDTC (Research & Development Tax Credits) here

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Refunding your hard work in R&D by recovering tax with an R&D Tax Credit

When Novigo assists with your R&D Tax Claim, our external RDTC team bring a thorough understanding of the application process and the essential knowledge of correctly identifying all of the different R&D that you undertake and therefore produce a more complete claim for tax credits than your accounts team. We can do this because of our expertise in science, technology, engineering, new materials, environmental, energy, transportation, pharmaceutics and healthcare disciplines. We have a proven 100% track record claiming tax credits and on average we claim back over £25,000 for our clients.

Although claiming an R&D Tax Credit is a function in your accounts. Understanding what is and what is not R&D for the purposes of the legislation and then applying this to your organization’s work processes and products is the key to claiming the optimum amount of RDTC. We provide the connection between the range of research that you undertake and your Accountant. Plus, we do not charge any upfront fee for assessing your RDTC and charge only upon making a successful claim. So finding out how much this is worth to your business is simple, easy and free.

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