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At Novigo Grant Funding Specialists, we are your dedicated partners in securing grant funding. Whether you’re a startup with big dreams or an established organization seeking growth, our mission is to guide you toward success.

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Our 3-step process will help you win the best grant for your business


Winning a grant involves a systematic approach. Here’s a concise three-step program to increase your chances of success:

Remember, thorough research, a well-crafted proposal, and timely submission are key to securing grant funding!

Find a grant

Research and identify grants that align with your business or innovation. Look for grants offered by organizations, government bodies, or private institutions. Consider factors such as eligibility criteria, funding amount, and application deadlines.

Apply for a Grant:

Once you’ve found a suitable grant, prepare your application. Write a compelling proposal that clearly outlines your project, its impact, and how the grant will be utilised. Address all requirements specified in the application guidelines.

Win a Grant:

Submit your grant application on time, ensuring all necessary documents are attached. Make it stand out by emphasising its uniqueness, feasibility, and potential benefits. If it meets the criteria and scores well, you’ll have a good chance of winning the grant.

Finding a grant & Angel Investors

£ 1.5 M
Horizon Europe Funding
£ 0.1 M
Innovate UK Funding
Angel Investors
£ 0 M
British Business Bank

How are you planning to fund your innovation R&D?


You have a great idea and a plan to deliver it but need to get started. Check out the if you're starting a business. Once you have set up your business, you can apply for all kinds of local business startup grants for R&D, employing staff, business development and buying equipment or services. It doesn't matter what kind of business you're starting, there are government funds available to get you started.

We will help your startup businesses to find the investment and grant funding required to get you going.

If you want to fund your startup with investment, grant funding or loan funding, give us a call on 07868 748856 or click here.

Disruptive Innovative Startups

You have a great idea. a simple prototype and a plan to deliver it but need funding to complete the R&D Stage. You've probably spent a fair amount of money getting to this point and now you need to fund the next stage to complete the product development so that you can start commercialising your idea. This is the tricky part and is known as the "Valley of Death". This is where most Innovation Startups fail. An Innovation Grant from Innovate UK is intended to bridge this Valley of Death and enable you to complete your R&D, finalise your product and get you ready to start commercialising.

We will help your Disruptive Innovative Startup find and apply for the Innovation grant that you need to complete your product development and testing and get you ready for commercialisation.

If you want to fund your Innovation startup with investment, grant funding or loan funding, give us a call at 07868 748856 or click here.

Small to Medium Enterprises

SME's are in a great position for grant funding. A lot of grants require large organisations and universities to collaborate with an SME to be eligible. If your product development would benefit from technical input from a University or large company, then an Innovate UK Grant would be a perfect fit. SME's like yours are actively encouraged by the UK government to apply for grant funding as part of their efforts to improve levelling up. Similarly, if you are outside of London, you are encouraged to apply.

There is an abundance of grants and government-backed loans available for SME's right now, from £1000 to £2.000.000 to help you develop new products, and grow your business. We will help you find and apply for the right grants for your business and help you find the investors you need to expand your SME.

If you want to fund your SME with investment, grant funding or loan funding, give us a call on 07868 748856 or click here.

Larger Organisations

We have worked with several large businesses to help them secure grants to fund their in-house R&D Team which is constantly working on new products and systems to solve problems and develop new and innovative solutions that always need funding. We work with universities that are collaborating with companies and SME's to commercialise innovative technology that spins out of blue-sky research, bringing ideas to reality and changing lives.

Spinout businesses are very popular with grant awarding bodies and we work with several catapults and Innovation Hubs to help fund businesses in their community. Providing the financial lifeblood needed to bridge the gap between a great idea, a great product and a successful business.

If you want to fund your organisation with investment, grant funding or loan funding, give us a call on 07868 748856 or click here.

Grant Programs & fundraising for Incubator & University Spinouts

University Spinout Innovation Grants

Unlock Growth with Novigo Grants

Are you a spinout from academic research or part of a university incubator? Novigo Grants is your partner in fueling innovation and growth. Here’s how we can support your journey:

  1. Government Grants for Proof of Concept: In your early days, government grants play a pivotal role. Programs like Project Endeavour, co-funded by the UK government and delivered with Innovate UK, provide essential backing for proof of concept.

  2. Strategic and Financial Investment: Balancing grants with strategic partnerships is critical. Novigo helps you strike the right balance. Our partnership with ZF, a technology company, is driving the development of a Level 4 self-driving system—a leap towards fully autonomous driving.

  3. Accessing Innovate UK and Horizon Europe Grants: As a UK-based spinout, tap into grants from Innovate UK, supporting business-led innovation across sectors. For Europe’s scientists, the EU’s Horizon Europe research program is a goldmine, enabling groundbreaking projects.

  4. Join Our Community: Connect with fellow spinouts and incubator startups. Attend our webinars, workshops, and networking events. Novigo Grants isn’t just about funding; it’s about building a supportive community.

Contact Novigo Grants at 07868 748856. Let’s navigate the grant landscape together and propel your spinout or incubator startup towards success!

Look out for our free grant funding talks at your university in the next few weeks. We love to get out and about in University Business Parks and we will be at yours shortly. 


Grant Writing

Unlocking Innovation with Novigo Grants

At Novigo, we’re not just grant writers; we’re catalysts for change. Our expertise lies in crafting compelling grant applications that transform ideas into reality. Here’s why you should choose us:

  • Fastest-Growing Service: Novigo is the UK’s fastest-growing grant consultancy, propelling businesses toward success.
  • World-Changing Impact: We’ve empowered hundreds of companies to create groundbreaking products, processes, and materials.
  • Expert Team: Our industry specialists, including Innovate UK and Horizon Europe consultants, guide your application with precision.
  • Strategic Approach: Grant writing isn’t just about words—it’s about strategy.
    • The ten simple tips to win any grant are
      • Keep it focussed
      • Answer the questions fully
      • back up your claims with references
      • Align your project with the needs of the funders
      • Focus on Impact & Value for money
      • Be ready to commercialise quickly
      • Collaborate if possible (But not essential) 
      • Prepare focused and Clear PDF’s to support your application
      • Make sure that it makes sense
      • Focus on impact, Benefit and Value more than sales and profits


Ready to revolutionise your journey? Contact Novigo today and let’s write your success story together.

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